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NBN Mission Statement

To develop basketball players in the State of Colorado through in-depth training and coaching that focuses first on the core fundamentals. Our instruction will specifically help your child enhance their Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, and Offensive Moves, as well as learn the basics of Defense and Rebounding. Our goal at Nothing But Net is to increase the number of homegrown (Colorado) collegiate-level basketball players.

Coach Mason Assessment

After evaluating Division 1 talent for numerous years and playing Division 1 Basketball,
the Nothing But Net staff will start by identifying your child's need to help him or her
reach their athletic goals.

Marcus Mason

Coach Mason has been the owner of Nothing But Net- Elite Basketball Coaching since January of 2008. Nothing But Net-Elite Basketball Coaching focus is on player development in core fundamentals and basketball intellect. Our system in four years has produce 15 professional players and 80 college players (30 division 1). Also Mason conducts multiple camps throughout the calendar year camps are tailored for every type of basketball player. Marcus is the camp director for the Chauncey Billups Basketball
Academy, Derrick White Basketball Academy,Tamika Catchings All Girls Basketball Academy, Marvin Havery Shooting Academy, Nothing But Net-Elite Basketball Coaching fundamental camp, and Nothing But Net-Elite Basketball Coaching Elite Basketball Camp. Besides working in the for profit sector, Marcus also volunteers about 10 per week year around with multiple non-profit organizations. He was the owner for Team Uniting Sports and Academics (2010-2012) where he oversaw all operations including fundraising, coaching, scheduling, hiring, equipment, team travel, and accounting. Currently Marcus serves as the Vice- President at Chauncey Billups Elite-Basketball Academy (501c3) were is in charge of individual player and coaches development. Marcus Mason has a true passion for giving back to the community and the game of Basketball. He has shown the talent to impact hundreds of youth across the country.
Marcus had been a Division 1 coach from 2001-2007. He began his coaching career at Middle Tennessee State University where he coached under Kermit Davis who was conference Coach of the Year (2002-03). In 2003, he became a member of the University of Denver coaching staff where he remained until the spring of 2007. During his stint at Denver, they were crowned Sun Belt Conference Champions in 2005, won 20 games, and received a berth to play in the NIT.

Marcus coached under 2005 Sun Belt Coach of the Year Terry Carroll while at Denver.
Besides the team accomplishments, there have also been several individual players who have gained awards. They include Yemi Nicholson (2006 Mid-Major All American, All Sun Belt, Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year), Antonio Porch (2nd team All Sun Belt Conference), and Rodney Billups (3rd team All Sun Belt Conference). During his coaching career, Mason has coached over 10 players who have played professional basketball.
One of Mason’s primary responsibilities was to conduct daily individual workouts with each player throughout the year. Marcus’s ability to provide quality individual instruction on a daily basis aided in both the team and individual success. Marcus has decided take a break from college coaching and its demanding travel schedule in order to develop more college stars for the state of Colorado.
“If not for Coach Marcus Mason and his individual workouts I would not be where I am today. Because of him and his innovative training I am able to make a living playing basketball and entertain all over the world. I‘d advise players of all ages who are committed to being the best they can be to utilize the great resource that’s available to them in Nothing But Net Basketball - Elite Basketball Coaching.” John Humphrey AKA Helicopter and 1 Mixtape Tour.


Has trained 15 professional Basketball Players (2007-present)
• Trained the only Home Grown NBA Player from Colorado (Derrick White of
the Boston Celtics)
• Has trained 80 collegiate student-athletes (2007-present)
• Camp Director for the Chauncey Billups Basketball Academy
• Camp Director for the Tamika Catchings All Girls Basketball Academy
• Camp Director for the Marvin Harvey Shooting Academy (2010,2011,2012)
• Owner- Team Uniting Sports Academics Non-For Profit ( 501c3) ( 2010-2012)
• Vice President-Chauncey Billups Elite-Basketball Academy
• Head Coach of the class of (2017) Chauncey Billups Elite Basketball Academy
• Sun Belt Conference Team GPA Award - 2006, 2005 and 2004
• Top of the World Tournament Champions - 2005
• Sun Belt Regular Season Conference Champions - 2005
• First 20 Win Season at the Division I Level - 2005
• NIT Berth - 2005
• Received first top 25 vote in USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Poll—2005
• Exposed to two Head-Coach of the Year Recipients, Kermit Davis (2003) and Terry
Carroll (2005)
University of Denver, Denver, CO–September 2003 to 2007
• Video Coordinator - In charge of all film exchange, editing, practice and game

• Full-time Recruiter - Covering the Mid-West Region: Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas,
and Tennessee area.
• Academic Supervisor - Oversee all academic requirements for ¼ of the team. Team
GPA 3.2. Two Academic All-Americans.

• Member of the Equity Committee - Create programs and activities for minority
students on campus.
• Instructed all individual workouts during each Fall and Spring.
• Basketball Camp Supervisor- In charge of organizing officials, camp employees,
camp merchandise, and marketing the camp throughout the Mid-West territory.
• Coordinated all scouting for opponent evaluation and game plan preparation.
Middle Tennessee State University,– Murfreesboro, TN August 2001 to August 2003
• Worked as Assistant Coach / Camp Supervisor for Kermit Davis (2002, 2003)
• Taught 400/500 level classes at MTSU (2002-2003)
• Assisted with all film exchange (incoming and outgoing).
• Managed academic progress of MTSU players.
• In charge of supervising all classroom checks.
• Employer and supervisor of all managers on staff.
• Worked as Assistant Coach / Camp Supervisor under Randy Wiel (2001-02)


Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN

• Masters Degree, Health (Concentration: Sports Management), 2003
• Bachelor of Science, Liberal Arts, University Studies from MTSU, 2001

Staff Bios

We employ skilled and qualified coaches who are passionate about positive growth in children. These individuals will share the philosophy that I share; "Giving more kids the opportunity to play basketball at the collegiate level."

How do we get better as a staff? I will consistently keep exposing myself to college coaches, NBA coaches, and both professional and collegiate scouts to stay on the cutting edge of player development sessions. Also will use my contact with college and NBA players to get a better feel for what's working at the highest level of Basketball. 

NBN Purpose and Goals

The Nothing But Net Way
It is our system that distinguishes us from other basketball programs or similar services.

The NBN Mission

NBN Mission Statement

To develop basketball players in the State of Colorado through in-depth training and
coaching that focuses first on the core fundamentals. Our instruction will specifically
help your child enhance their Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, and Offensive Moves as well as learn the basics of Defense and Rebounding. Our goal at Nothing But Net is to increase the number of home grown (Colorado) collegiate level basketball players.

Individualized Directed Programs

Each individual player will receive quality instruction in workout sessions that is tailored specifically to the players' skill level or situation. Your child will learn how to improve his Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, and Offensive Moves though intense player
development sessions. Also the Nothing But Net staff will better the conditioning of every player and show them the intensity level you have to play at to be successful at a
high level.


Nate Rhonert, Head Coach Chaparral High School, "Coach Mason is an extremely hard
working and demanding. He is an expert in individual instruction. I have been fortunate
enough to workout with Marcus for years and he has helped me take my game to the next

Cory and Michelle Calvert - "Working with Marcus has been an extremely positive
experience for us as parents and especially our son, Cory, Jr. Marcus is professional as
well as great with kids. Marcus has done an unbelievable job of improving Cory's
fundamentals, conditioning, and work ethic.

We have seen an amazing transformation not only in Cory's game, but also a spirit of excellence in each aspect of his life.

Marcus truly cares about the kids he works with and pushes them to be the best they can be. He is a great role model.

We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Marcus. "

Kevin Reynolds, Head Basketball Coach, Point Park College - "Coach Mason does an
excellent job preparing his players for junior high, high school, or college competition.
He is a good teacher of basketball skills and strategy. He always gets the maximum level
out of players."

Larry Cordaro, Head Basketball Coach, Louisiana State University at Alexandria - "Marcus Mason is an extremely qualified coach. Marcus transitioned well from being a
player to a coach, not always easily done.

He works very hard and possesses people skills that will carry him far in the coaching profession. Best of all, he knows the game inside and out and is dedicated to the development of young players games and lives."

Leslie and John, Parents, “Marcus Mason has given my 3 children great basketball
training over the last ten years. He has helped them focus on various aspects of the game using his knowledge, his confidence, his experience, and most importantly his gift for teaching the game of basketball to children. The training sessions are always organized, well executed, and they range from basic to complex drills that always mimic game like situations. Basketball allows kids to build self-confidence and develop many other positive traits that will enable them to be successful in other areas of their lives. For that reason, we are passionate about Marcus and his ability to train and work with youth.
Marcus has been consistent in helping our children become the best basketball players they can be as well as better individuals. Marcus is a great role model”.

Rob Jackson, NBA Scout, San Antonio Spurs - "The State of Colorado is very lucky to
have Marcus Mason in its corner doing player development. He will do a great job of developing the young talent in state, just as he did at the University of Denver.

I got to see Coach Mason first-hand workout players that had the opportunity to play in the NBA and I watch those players improve their skill level over the course of a season."

Robert and Crystal, Parents, “If basketball is your son’s or daughter’s sport, they will
personally benefit both on the court and off through Coach Mason’s instruction. He connects with athletes at their level and develops a fundamental program specific to the needs of the individual player. He coaches and mentors a strong work ethic, positive motivation, goal orientation, fundamentals, and stresses the importance of a student athlete. Coach Mason launches confidence in his players, by improving their skill set and comprehension of the game. This confidence carries over to off-the-court life. Every basketball player regardless of level needs a coach like Marcus Mason.

The best recommendation comes from my 9 year old son, “Coach Mason makes basketball fun. He never gives up on me. Coach Mason is helping me make my dribbling and shot wicked good.”

RJ is now 20 and playing at Wake Forest University.

Kermit Davis, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Ole Miss Basketball -

" Marcus Mason will be a valuable resource in the Denver Metro area, he is a great person to know, and has a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball. Marcus has worked and played for some of the best coaches at the Division 1 level. I encourage parents to reach out to him for player development sessions; he will improve your son or daughter with his knowledge and sense of urgency to complete a task."

Joe Cronin, NBA General Manager, Portland Trailblazers -

" I had the treat of learning
under Coach Mason for two years...His experience and knowledge of the game is
impressive, as is his ability to share this expertise with others".

Heather, Mother

“Marcus has given my children the gift of confidence with patience and excellent coaching techniques”

Julie and Craig, Parents.

“Marcus Mason is an energetic, passionate and excellent coach with a great ability to relate to his students. He has taught our son the skills to take his basketball game to a whole new level and has helped him to obtain his goals. We will
recommend him to anyone who is looking for a motivational and knowledgeable coach. 

Donna and Scott, Parents

Marcus Mason has been giving my 11 year old son, John, private instruction for two years as well as my 9 year old daughter, Cate, for about a year. Marcus has markedly improved their basketball skills with the fundamentals that he so strongly stresses. The workouts are geared toward improving technique, speed and accuracy and Marcus has, without a doubt, made them better basketball players. In addition, he is a positive influence in my kids’ lives. Marcus has the ability to impress life lessons of perseverance, confidence and attaining goals all with a mixture of toughness, humor and warmth.

I am delighted to give Marcus an unqualified recommendation and would highly encourage your children to participate in a workout or camp with him. I assure that that you won’t be disappointed!

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